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Driving Assessment

For most adults, driving a car is how we stay mobile and on the go.  Driving is how we see the people we want to see and how we do the things we want to do at our convenience.  But changes in our physical, mental, and sensory abilities can challenge our continued ability to drive safely.

Occupational therapists can evaluate clients to examine the physical, visual, and mental abilities required for safe driving.  The therapist uses both a Driving Health Inventory (DHI), a computer-based assessment that looks at the prerequisite skills needs for safe driving and stationary perception/reaction timer.  These tools help to assess:

*Reaction time
*Sharpness of vision
*Decision-making, judgement, and planning

The assessment assists with determining if a person has deficits in the skills needed for safe driving.  Based on the evaluation, the occupational therapist can make recommendations about strategies, specialized equipment and training to improve driving safety and overall health and well being.

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